Weird Dick cameos

(1941:The ILLUSTRATED STORY, 1979)

Weird Dick cameo '1941' crop aWeird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes.

Weird Dick cameo '1941' crop b

Weird Dick cameo '1941'

Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes  ~ The above panels appeared in ”1941: The Illustrated Story” © 1979 Columbia/Universal, and published by Heavy Metal. This section by Rick Veitch.

GRIMES: “We’ll open this scroll with the creme de la creme. The only painted cameo of the bunch. I always love Veitch’s painting.

“This book, based on the affectedly mad Spielberg film of the same name was a gargantuan task for Rick V. and Steve Bissette. (If I leave Steve, or anyone else who helped, out of the credit for this crop, my apologies. But unless my eye is bad, it’s always been all Veitch). The result is a manic, gibbering melee’ of trademark character walk ons, cavorting Mr. Peanuts, and wartime magazine clip art in a whorling collage the main characters move throo like a hurricane.

“So, the above fits right in. It was a complete surprise to me, (as all of these cameos were).

“I once told Rick, when our art boards were neighboring back in the first year at Kubert School, that Weird Dick was purple (like an Easter egg), with white gloves.

“He plainly recalled that, long after I was out of town for good.

“Within weeks or so of telling him that, tho’, I’d changed my mind. And ever since he’s been white with yellow gloves. Not that his appearances in color (or any place, in any manner) have been frequent. So, the above will likely remain a unique depiction.

“And amidst the esteemed Dick Tracy and Sam Catchem! (We’d also, around that same time, spoken of the Gould villain, The Blank–one of the handful of criminals in what was then the only big collection of Tracy, The Celebrated Cases of…). That relevant, or no, when he did it, it’s still a cool tribute.” –RG  10/5/’015

NOTE: (The 1941 adaptation was published in ‘album’ format, but all its pages ran without numbers. The bottom frames, as shown, appear twelve ‘flips’ from the back, at the lower left of the right hand page).

{The above panels–which have nothing whatever to do with the movie mega studios’ film storyline–appear here as illustration only, of characters originally used without permission, among hundreds of others for purposes of collage, and not owned by them. Fair Use here is claimed.}  –Rick Grimes  10/5/015



WDick cameo Magazineland USA

Artwork:  ©?  Fringe art circa 1977 by Rick Veitch <> Weird Dick © 1976, Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “The above cameo appeared in 1977’s Magazineland U.S.A., a comic in the common format they were known for, touting the anniversary of World Color Press who at that time printed virtually, if not all dot pattern, color comics. All in the manner of those ‘educational’ handouts of prior decades, but in this case of the self serving sort.

“The bulk of the comic, apart from various out of date photos of massive printing machines and their woeful human servitors, was substantially framed around Joe Kubert’s art.

“The opening page, cropped & inverted above, had a single Kubert School credit line only. I was not part of the student talent pool that contributed to it, so I have no anecdotes nor any notion of who did what when.

“I think I recall seeing this very page on Joe’s table. Or more likely, Veitch’s. Joe probably made him do all the little comics the man is holding. The company president(?), at least as rendered, is memorably mean & scary looking. Marvel’s Kingpin comes to mind.

“No copyright info was given. They had a lock on their part of the business, though. So, why bother? Rather like the Mob worrying about needing ‘protection’.

“The fringe use of my comic character, in the scattered debris fallen from the boss man’s clutches, was doubtless Rick Veitch’s touch. Obviously it went under the radar, as intended.

“To this date, there never has been a Weird Dick comic book to land askew on anyone’s floor or anywhere else. But don’t rule it out until I’m dead.”  –RG  10/4/’015

{The full opening page is visible here, for now. I have a copy, but see no need to waste my free bytes on it, nor overemphasize aspects that have nothing to do with me. I know nothing about the man depicted in it. My comments are opinions. You can judge for yourself how ‘friendly’ Joe’s version looks}.  –rg 10/5/015


(EPIC #2, 1980)

MONKEY SEE excerpt Putney w WD

MONKEY SEE excerpt main pg crop

Artwork:  “Monkey See” © 1980 (Epic # 2), Steve Bissette & Rick Veitch.  Feat. cameo of Rick Grimes’ character ‘Weird Dick’ © 1976 .

GRIMES:  “This is Bissette & Veitch’s sea monkey story from Epic magazine. Not only do I love the big green monkey portraits, note the little Weird Dick head on the yellow ‘Putney’, (Vermont town), T shirt on the pilot, {Leo Kottke, according to Steve}. Probably drawn initially by Veitch, but looks like Bissette inked it. Guess the little ‘stem’ is his cigar, not a neck. Has an ashline.”  — RG  (May 27, 2009).


(EPIC #??, 1981)

Kultz (1981) bottom cameos a

Kultz top (w caption) cameos bb

Artwork:  “Kultz” © June 1981, story by Steve Bissette & Steve Perry. Art by Steve Bissette. (Epic). Feat. cameos of Grimes’ ‘Weird Dick’, ‘Everett’, and ‘Stinely Stellwick’ characters.

GRIMES: “The first cameo of Weird Dick here is more of a human cultie, a Dickhead, I guess, in a ‘Don Post’ style mask. (Don’t send in your shekels for one—they don’t exist).

“The second appearance, in flight w/ his ‘Friends’, is no doubt the real Weird Dick. I’m sure they get away.” –RG 12/4/’014

<Stinely story                    Everett (pg 9)>


(’50’s FUNNIES, 1980)

MOMMA'S BWAH last page ~ Weird Dick cameo CROP C

Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes. Art by Veitch.

MOMMA'S BWAH last page ~ Weird Dick cameo CROP A

MOMMA'S BWAH last page ~ Weird Dick cameo CROP B

MOMMA'S BWAH last page ~ Weird Dick cameo

From the hilarious “Momma’s Bwah” © 1980 Bill Kelley & Rick Veitch ~ Art by Veitch. (Published in Larry Shell’s ’50’s Funnies). Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:Momma’s Bwah is an Elder-esque cross pollination of Ed Gein’s back story with the Bazooka Joe gang, (along with Dubble Bubble’s Pud), as bothersome delinquents in over their heads.

It’s as funny now as it was over thirty years ago. Do yourself a favor and scare up a copy.” –RG 10/7/’015

{The above excerpt, of Joe & Mort forced out by Mr. Weathersnot’s Luger, is panel three of page five, the last. I’d post it fully here but it’d spoil the ending. Here’s a taste of Ed, page three, on}. –rg


(’50’s FUNNIES, 1980)

'50s Funnies ''Forgotten Fears'' last page cameo CROP

Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes. Art by Veitch/Bissette.

'50s Funnies ''Forgotten Fears'' last page cameo

'50s Funnies ''Forgotten Fears'' last page (6)

From “Forgotten Fears” © 1980 Respective artists & writers. ~ Art by Rick Veitch/S.R. Bissette. (Published in Larry Shell’s ’50’s Funnies). Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes.

{If anyone else of those variously involved feels they deserve credit here, or I somehow have this byline wrong let me know at and I will gladly correct it}. –RG 10/7/015



SWAMP THING Annual #2 (Weird Dick cameo CROP)

Weird Dick © 1976 Rick Grimes

SWAMP THING Annual #2 (Weird Dick cameo)

Weird Dick in hell. Looks like S. Clay Wilson’s Checkered Demon on the left. Art by S.R. Bissette & John Totleben, probably 1984.

SWAMP THING Annual #2 pg 35 crop

From Swamp Thing Annual #2 (1985) © 1984 DC Comics. Fair Use only is claimed here. This is the issue with Etrigan and The Phantom Stranger rubbing hellbows.

GRIMES: “Hey, he got to be purple again! But, this time it’s really more of an accident of fate. (Just like his being in Hell).” –RG  10/7/’015

{I’d completely forgotten about this one until happening onto a list I’d made way back when. There are still two other possibilities–at least cameos of something— tho’ I have yet to again find the relevant comics issues amongst my stacks}.  –RG 10/7/015




And windows and wagon wheels don’t count!

wd window

<Weird Dick main page

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