Meemo in ‘The Bum’s Rush’

MEEMO in ‘The BUM’S RUSH’ (1999)

#29 MEEMO in The Bum's RushThe opening page.  Artwork © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “MEEMO in ‘The BUM’S RUSH’ (1999). The final story in, but first completed for revamped GOOZLE KOMMIX.

“Story and this page begun Apr. ’99. Page itself completed Sept. ’99. Story, a six pager spun off from an old Daffy Duck comic book story — using only the idea of Daffy trying to mooch groceries off Elmer Fudd and sneaking into his house. (My starting point being that sometimes I might need a little help (?) thinking like/for ‘the masses’). Iffy results. This page is the best.

“Story completed March, 2009.” — Rick Grimes (April 17th, 2010).

+Grimes: “This story is still set, (in my mind), to appear in a second issue of an ‘all Puzz’ Goozle comic, finally using the old cover as well. A fairly large number of pages were already completed for it years ago.

But, right now, I’m still working on the debut issue with all new material, and a new cover.” –RG 2/8/’015

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