ELLY et alii


ELLY (1977)


ELLY  b&wh  flickr orig size

Artwork: “Elly” (as featured on the back cover of 1977’s PARADE OF GORE #1) © 1977, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “My back cover, (named after the partly visible label of a jelly jar), I believe I’d actually already done that summer before the second class came. Quieter. Not at my usual board. It had nothing to do with anything or anyone but putting the ugly headed, ‘warning’ thing on paper. All very purifying. Remember Joe [Kubert] saw it, shook his head a bit. And Ernie [Pasanen] and his girlfriend. It didn’t even bother me like it might’ve once.

The sick demonic head with its cat whiskers and baline ‘teeth’ harks back to some really disturbing creature on a Marvel Monster magazine cover painting, possibly year or two before PARADE OF GORE or Kubert school in their monster boom of the mid seventies. I don’t have the magazine anymore because it bothered me! This big hell beast with a really nasty, soul-snuffing leer. [See below: Monsters Unleashed #10, February 1975. Art by Jose Antonio Domingo].

… One more thing, to clarify on Bissette’s intro of the “Elly” reprint. I asked him, then, to point out the demon’s similarity to Clive Barker’s sketch (in TABOO #1) not to emphasize my supposed originality, but that independently of each other, over a span of some years and no awareness of each other we both drew what looks to me to be the same demon. A slight tweak of Steve’s wording then – probably needed because I wasn’t quite clear myself.” –Rick Grimes 12/22/’08

ELLY compare w Barker

‘Compare’ of my ELLY to right: ‘Demon’ Art © Clive Barker. Both were done years apart, presumably without either of our knowing of the other.

Domingo crop  from flicker triptych

Art by Jose Antonio Domingo for Monsters Unleashed #10, February 1975. A bit unforgettable.

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