4) TABOO ~ my complete stories, images, etc.


Burlesques:  <These Things Happen> <Akimbo> <Dolly & Withtina>
Obsessives:  <Hell’s Toupee’> <Breathing Is For Sissies>
PDQ: A Saunter Through Hell <aka ‘Black Butterflies’>
Trance Fugues: <sick animal> <Cactus Water> {See also: Pills For Miss Betsy}
TRUE GRUE:  <Grue Love> and the irrevocability of malicious choices.
What If..? <NUMBLESCHITZ> and the hypothetical projection of (impending) personal mayhem.
For especial amigos of Taboo Especial, and to find out what happens to ‘Piggy’, click here.
And for the single images:  <ELLY> <Cacti ‘puzzle’ ><Little Hydrey> <Curly Howard> <Devil Boy> .
<Art (main list)

Let me know your impressions... !

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