The Struggles of Huggles



HUGGLES panels

Artwork: “The Struggles of Huggles” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA VIII, Díre McCain & D.M. Mitchell) 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “This is one of those little, inconsequential stories, created on a whim, that winds up taking you forever to really finish. Plus, I’m STILL not sure I can even stand looking at parts of it.

It was too good, in places, to scrap it all; on the other hand, there have always been parts of it that seem technically as weak as Huggles does as a fighter. The first page had to have a radical whiteout, and one can see the subsequent two pages take a nosedive, over time, into less and less detail.

It’s still pretty funny though, I guess. It’s supposed to depict that always-only-one-microstep-behind, demonic, murderous side of oneself that is ever on the make to destroy any and all of your plans, personal plusses, and pleasures of life. You can never define It’s source and motivations, nor pry it off once it has a hold.

If anyone wants to know what I am ‘really like’, these two guys pretty much say it.

There’s always that mix of the too mild one trying to hold off the nasty other.

But the moral of this one, for me, has become, “Never title a story ‘The Struggles of So-and-so’ ” lest you perpetually find this fits the endless doing of it all too well.” — RG 6/27/’010

(pgs 96-98)

{Really need to repost this one fully here. Don’t know why the last page came out blue.} –rg 2/’015

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