pages from ‘The One’ ~ black & white

THE PUZZ FUNDLES (1984-1986)

Puzz XEROX of pg 1

Puzz XEROX of pg 2

Puzz XEROX of pg 3

Puzz XEROX of pg 4

Puzz XEROX of pg 5

Puzz XEROX of pg 6

Artwork: “The Puzz Fundles” (as reprinted, sans color, in Rick Veitch’s King Hell collections of The ONE ) ©1984-1986, Rick Grimes.

{Note that the above scans are from xeroxes, probably copied from a book reprint, which I use regularly for reference. The originals are a bit too awkward to fit into my scanner. A few tiny things have ‘suffered’–eye rings and creases, particularly in #2, and a few unintentional black ‘fill ins’ in eyes, again, mostly and trifles such as the window cord in #5 & champagne bubbles in #6. The obsessive scrutinizer may compare to the color versions linked below}.  –rg  10/3/’015 


<Color comic book versions

<Puzz main page

Let me know your impressions... !

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