Go Try Ta Be ‘Normal’


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Artwork: “Go Try Ta Be ‘Normal'” (panel excerpt, as featured in KINGDOM FREAKS & OTHER DIVINE WONDERS, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “I’m actually pretty fond of this one, (it happens so rarely).

The set-up allowed me lots of latitude–no plot much, just a build-up of critters (I would gladly draw outside of a story), griping to a hearty ‘climax’.

“Thought I’d do a bit of a switcheroo on the expected end. The ‘freak’ hasn’t moved comfortably to a planet of others exactly like him. Nor will they prove to be ‘understanding’.

I have realized, ‘in the doing’, that even if the physical freaks took over the world, or lived on one already, they wouldn’t be more tolerable to live with than the average human.

I just don’t trust it anymore that outsiderism makes for some greater compassion not still awash in the same pettiness we all indulge in every minute.

Freaks want equal treatment. So, here I give them equality as the same ‘nattering nabobs of negativism’ we all are.

“The only side note, besides that I had a swell time making this one, remains that my original notion for the mob’s center of focus was to use an old doll of my sister’s: the Ken-like “Ted” doll by Ideal (1962), (which we still have, standing around wearing a felt Atom Ant helmet).


Image: “Ted” doll by Ideal (1962) – photographer unknown.

“I still don’t have a digital camera, just yet, so this instantly handy pic of someone else’s will have to do.

Bottom line, tho, friend of the family or no, Ted just wasn’t going to cut it. It wasn’t funny. Thus, the ending as is !

“So, enjoy this outing, from one bitching freak to another. I’m sure you know what I mean.” –RG 8/19/012

GO TRY TA BE ‘NORMAL’ (2011, 12): http://www.antiquechildren.com/kingdomfreaks.html
{Free read of both my pages, (but, buy it anyway)!} –rg 2/15/’015

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