Augustine, w/ sketches


AUGUSTINE (1992/09)

#21 Augustine

Artwork © 2010, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES: “AUGUSTINE — the now-completed first page of an unfinished story initially considered for possible inclusion in TABOO, mentioned as such on phone to [Steve] Bissette. Later temporarily abandoned, sometime in the long gap between issue #7 and the last two issues. Creature ‘inspired’ by Eddie Campbell’s Eyeball Kid, which I had a very belated and limited exposure to.

“Notebook page characters Feb 14, 1992. Drawing begun on comic page Feb 19, ’92.

#21b Augustine sketches copy  split a  2 14 '92

sketches (in this form) © 2014, Rick Grimes.

“Some smallish corner areas inked to complete page April 12, 2009.” — Rick Grimes (April 17th, 2009).


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