Stories (Pub’d ’09-‘012)


RH: Since August 2009 Rick has contributed both new and old stories to the following print & online publications and self-published blogs (listed here):          ’09/‘010a/‘010b/‘011/‘012  



“The Man With Two Hearts”  (Paraphilia IV, Aug ’09) {online pub.}
“The Bromomaniaks”  (Paraphilia V, Oct ’09) {online pub.}
“Booshwa” + “Joe Head”  (Crimefighter & Two Others, Oct ’09) {paper b&w comic}
“Blood of the Corn Kings” [poem]  (La Bouche #3, Oct ’09) {online pub.}*
 “Hive Baby”  (Antique Children, Nov ’09) {website only}  
“The Usual”  (Paraphilia VI, Jan ‘010) {online pub.}
“The New Ones”  (Antique Children, Jan ‘010) {website only}
“Alagar Pensis”  (Paraphilia VII, Mar ‘010) {online pub.}
“Hive Baby Two”  (Antique Children, May ‘010) {website only}
“The Struggles of Huggles”  (Paraphilia VIII, June ‘010) {online pub.}
“The Request”  (AQC: Duende, Sept ‘010) {paper book, print on demand}
“Man’s Best Friend”  (Paraphilia IX, Sept ‘010) {online pub.}
“Best Out of Two”  (AQC: Doppleganger, Dec ‘010) {paper, print on demand}
“Mizriz O’Payne’s Very Perfect Pekipoo”  (Paraphilia X, Dec ‘010) {online pub.}
“No Place Like Home”  (Paraphilia XI, Apr ‘011) {online pub.}
“The Boulder & The Brighter”  (AQC: Revolution of the Underdogs, May ‘011) {paper, p.o.d.}
“The Time Piece”  (Paraphilia XIII, Dec ‘011) {online pub.} 
“Kitmonex: One More Slip…”  (Paraphilia: Hypokeimenon, May ‘012) {online pub.}
“Go Try Ta Be ‘Normal'”  (AQC: Kingdom Freaks & Other Divine Wonders, June ‘012) {p.o.d.}
“The Excursion”  (Paraphilia: Tagada, Aug ‘012) {online pub.}
“Lest Romance Die”  (Paraphilia: Trasumanar, Dec ‘012) {online pub.}


This is where the ‘old’ fansite left off. Activity since will be noted here as soon as earthly possible on the news blog & additional Stories (Pub’d ‘013-… ) and Unpub’d, too  pages.  –RG 8/5/’014  

*Tho’ its submission there was a pleasant experience, and for whatever the technical unreasons, both my poem as placed there, and La Bouche itself have often disappeared. Please use the live link in the title to read ‘Blood of the Corn Kings’ on this site. –rg 12/’014


{The above site links, continuing all of my published appearances to the last post of the former, parent website, will generally provide only  the verbal background and context behind each story, and a single ‘teaser’ excerpt panel, in the hopes that you will pursue the full stories in their temporary homes. So you don’t go on too many goose chases, looking for paper comics or whatnot that never even existed, I’ve noted the type of publication. Hope you will find and read as many as you can; my comments throughout here are mostly intended to be supplemental. Not a substitute for the stories themselves}. –RG 10/16/’014
<Earlier stories                                                                         Unpub’d art>

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