KRITURZ (1978)

Kriturz 1

Kriturz 2

Artwork: “Kriturz” (as featured in 1978’s OMNIBUS #1 & #2) © 1978, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:Fred Greenberg’s OMNIBUS was a digest or rather half-fold style book, I assume of his own creation, that again included many of us at the [Kubert] school.

I deliberately left it out of the list [Steve] Bissette used in TABOO intros, not because Fred didn’t do a nice job with it, and again generously and without (probably well due, in my case) criticism.

But, because I can’t stand my own pieces. Both are “Kriturz”, one image panels with excessively oblique text pseudodescriptions. The first comes closest to an actual creature, a real evil-looking stinker of a thing; the second, little more than a design experiment overly favoring it’s nicely balanced but dualistic logo over any creature content. Both were from my ‘mad’ phase. Hence, of painful aspect to dwell on aesthetically.

OMNIBUS #1 came out in March of ’78. I gave my only copy to some guy overwhelmed with it, who went on to color my page in it, with color pencils, like a coloring book! Haven’t any notion or memory when I trashed or lost its original; and have therefore not laid eyes on it in thirty years!

#2 came out that summer, I guess, after my return to Shreveport. I still have its main parts, tho’ pulled apart with some pages possibly missing. {Since provided by Ryan}.

The books are much saner, if that’s the word, than PARADE OF GORE; perhaps Fred’s way of stepping back again from that. Never asked him that, or absorbed the books as I should have. I was ‘otherwise occupied’.

I always liked Ernie Pasanen’s ‘fisherman’ painting in #2; (another class cull, from our ‘grey wash’ assignment)?

Also, in #2, on the letters page some guy described my page in #1 as an “N.E.V.”, which he then ‘helpfully’, and inevitably, defined for us all as “No Entertainment Value”.

In my case, I’m inclined to agree.” — Rick Grimes (December 22, 2008).

Please also read my  further words on these shameful travesties…

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