“Do you HAVE to ?!?!?”



  Artwork: “Another Duck” (as featured in 1977’s THE JOURNAL OF POPULAR CULTURE #1, Jack Venooker & Warehouse Comix Worx) © 1977, Rick Grimes).

GRIMES: “‘Another Duck’ was one of those sloppy class assignments run amuk. It got laughs, so there it is.

The nub of my feeling that most funny animals per se’ have been done better and long ago by others and you’d better do something different with them.

‘Another Duck’ is not so much an example of doing that. He’s the deathknell of all the lame-ass attempts to trot out the same old duck-rabbit-dog-pig combos like they’re brand new gleaming ideas.

‘Anutha’ is on the way out, it’s saying, probably he’s literally headed for death row; not just his framed flunky has a ‘bad end’.

There’ve been rare exceptions over the years, but mostly I think this ‘animal business’ holds true. I try to amalgamate any part-animal characters of mine out of patches of textural memory – toys, cloth, furniture, whatever works, for that oh-so-outre’ mutant look. Works for me!” — Rick Grimes 12/22/’08.

{For the best read, go full screen & click image to enlarge}

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