The Puzz Fundles


THE PUZZ FUNDLES (1984 – 1986)


Puzz pg 1

Puzz pg 2

Puzz pg 3

Puzz pg 4

Puzz pg 5

Puzz pg 6.

Artwork: “The Puzz Fundles” (as featured in 1985/86’s The ONE, Rick Veitch & Epic) ©1984-1986, Rick Grimes.

– newly named in ’82 notebook.
– childhood characters from a handful of mostly unrecurring drawings.
– deliberate attempt to retain ‘whatever was wrong with them’ in early renderings, while still giving them form.

– invite from [Rick] Veitch.
– extremely and minutely thorough notes on first #1, then #2.
– enthusiastic response
– begun in ’84
– published ’85, ’86

– especially liked first and second best, 3 + 4 good art, 5 + 6 deliberately trying sloppy approach, suffers that.


– Thripey Skake always has his three pieces o’ (chocklit) cake.
– look for cameo appearances of Sicky’s gang.
– attempt was made at deliberate ‘disconnections’, usually in the opening of each page from the factuality of the prior page. While working on the real, new page itself, this often tended to try to disappear, as reason tries to take over, and banality. But, traces linger. Such as how for, Von Sticky at the end of #2 all is lost, but in #3 he is back. Furthermore, what reason for his brain’s absence in #4 vs. #3? T.S. falls to his death in #5, etc.

– unused notes for ‘detergent box comic’ using Thripey, etc. For the Tide box cover of #1, no doubt for space & overall design reasons, never happened.
– But, look for Veitch’s use of my characters internally, and on all (?) the covers, including #1.
– and ‘The One’ poster I included behind the beggarly Fundles in #6’s last panel.
– My perennial characters.

– By no means through with them.

– Ask for them by name… “Sir, do you have Puzz Fundles?”

II) “Rick [Veitch] sent me one (*Spanish edition of THE ONE). Cracked me up – delight in the uniqueness of it. At first wondered if the logos had or even could be changed – what would you call it? I’d still be curious to know which jokes got lost in translation or if any new ones were created. One day I’ll comb throo it with my dictionario. Look for the jist.” I’m all for it. Urdu and Pig Latin are waiting. Starring Eemomay and Ipeythray! How about Clem Clambeau, (who visits India), in actual Sanskrit? Finally, my work is unintelligible to me as well.” — Rick Grimes (December 22, 2008).

Please see other Puzz goodies via their main page…


<Art (’76-’95)                               black & white versions>

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