Kitmonex: One More Slip…


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Artwork: “Kitmonex: One More Slip…” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA: HYPOKEIMENON, Díre McCain & D.M. Mitchell) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

RG: “The main character in this story is a variation of one conceived much earlier for the world/s of ‘Weird Dick & Friends’.

In those planes, this part human, part Easter Bunny, dubbed Kitmonia [baby rabbits ‘kits’ + (pneu)/(am)monia] is more prone than some of his peers to the time and space fluctuations they’re all subject to.

He thus has various personal incarnations & names, usually alone but also in tandem or en masse, encountered by the other ‘Friends’ in different vicinities: younger, aged, or more entrepreneurial.

In general, his recurring role in that origin world is as a bus driver making repeated stops while trying to keep together his passengers, a rather motley array of more or less ‘handicapable’ fellow gewbers.

He also has run-ins with his criminal brother from a lower plane, (who’s green & grimacing). And must stop a bank heist of play money, planned by same. His name: Etmonex.

Hence, the conflation of names for this story’s yellow bastard, a more belated variation (about a decade later than the character’s conception), dropped, lost, into a hell plane with no recall at all of any better times as a someone else.

The story at issue here, mercifully allowed breathing room in the cyber pages of Paraphilia, was another of those ‘almosts’ that never made it to completion for Taboo. I likely thought it too weak or shallow to pursue.

The drawing, or really sketching, was done sometime in the early ’90s—for once, I did not note it on the pages. But, the text bars were left open. And I knew there were no notes. So, all of the writing was done this year.

I believe I captured all that was my original intention for the two pages here. Tho’ there were some marginal bits indicating notions of how to carry it further. Sort of cryptic now, but on the order of Kitmonex’ lot improving in further such cycles, but only as he goes along with evil.

The sort of thing more or less already done in a couple of my other stories on this site (“Cactus Water”, “Pills for Miss Betsy”).

Whether i shall carry on with it someday is unlikely. I was going to say categorically, ‘no’. But, there might be a little more in me for it.

There is another incomplete story, mostly drawn about a year later than the March ’83 notes shown below, wherein I did have some practice, also with mixed results, of the Kitmonia character.

His other lives interest me more. And any time spent on the atypically typical ‘hitman’ version of this ‘new’ story must take a backseat.

Kitmonia notes  split a

 The disparate shapes of the character, at least, don’t lend themselves to readily ‘dynamic’ action. ‘Manly’ build with bosomy plastic body sections. Limited facial features. All trying to run in mashed up bunny shoes. You try it. And don’t let your pancake makeup run.

As Kitmonex, he seemed to bring out the worst in me in slack anatomy. Yet another in my parade of people that look like nothing more than sagging bedsheets.

But, the inking, also all recent, was on an ‘as was’ basis. I don’t like tampering too much with ‘excavated ruins’. I try to retain as much as possible of any previous unfinished work. The sketchy drawings were tightened only enough to add some clarity.

Kitmonia notes  split b

Artwork: 3/3/’83 “Kitmonia” notes © 2012, Rick Grimes.

The whole rather ‘premature’ revelation of any of this decades old material all came purely out of self doubt.

I found myself, in my usual mode, rejecting other ‘great ideas’ right and left, with my ‘in-the-light-of-day’, lacerating eye until I almost ran out of time to get something in the issue.

This was the only old story in my folders close enuff to completion to use as a fallback in a few days.

So, if it all seems like too many weird hens and chicks let out of the coop too soon, you’re right.

None of it’s quite the best use of the character. But, I hope you like it anyhow.

The stupid thing has a way of growing on you, given the chance.” — RG 6/16/’012

– KITMONEX: ONE SLIP AWAY… (1994?; 2012):

(pgs 153, 154)


{The above notes, which Ryan enhanced for readability sake, are actually across only one page of a grade school spelling notebook of mine partly filled the early months of ’83 with dreams and character/story ideas, all in the tiny lettering of the period. Note the relative size of the spelling letters. To this day, I still write almost this small, tho I usually have to read it w/ a magnifying glass. Kitmonia notes  full 'strip'  my scan but via FlickerThe non-word ‘chu’ in both splits above was short for ‘chewable’ plastic, like cheap bath tub toys or army men (polyvinyl?). As compared to ‘britl’, breakables like model kits (polystyrene?). My own goofy short hand, rather than writing it all out the many times such was mentioned}. –rg 2/15/’015

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