‘Footstool’, etc


G A Footstool

G A Footstool  pg 2

Artwork: “Glycerous Aquarium Footstool” as featured in Larry Loc’s xerox zine Dog*Star Funnies, 1987. Reprinted in 1991’s TABOO Especial, SpiderBaby Grafix & Tundra Publishing. ©1986, Rick Grimes.

+GRIMES: “By the way, ‘ya’ll’. ‘Speaking of’ cameo appearances in others’ work. Here’s one by me. The toy telephone Rabbity finds himself holding at the end has Weird Dick on the dial.” — Rick Grimes (March 15th, 2009).

GRIMES: “…Footstool, ie ‘Matronfish’ included in Taboo Especial. Believe it was [Steve] Bissette’s idea to include it. I never really felt it belonged there, but he was paying me and I always loved the 2 pages, so, what the hell. A bonus!” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

{There’s a followup, small scale comic with these characters, and others from Dog*Star #2, with a couple of inked pages still waiting in limbo for my attention. From the late ’80s or so}. –rg 4/14/015

Other GRIMES Art from DOG*STAR FUNNIES #1 (1987)

worm guy

My first Larry Loc imitation.

GRIMES: “Blot was on tiny original [above]. Old gouache or ink I guess. Left it in. The ‘flower’ is reacting to it.” — Rick Grimes (March 15th, 2009).


illustrations for Grit Thomas’ “A Children’s Story”

shell  sawing

shell  out of...

shell   w cup sugar

shells  can phone

Artwork: Rick Grimes illustrations for M.W. (Grit) Thomas, Jr.’s “A Children’s Story” (as featured in Larry Loc’s DOGSTAR FUNNIES #1) © 1987, Rick Grimes.  {Click images to enlarge}.

GRIMES: “Particularly like this one [top, with saw]. Came out like Walt Kelly’s poetry illos in his book of old collections. If I may say.” — Rick Grimes (March 15th, 2009).


bug T

Bug creature © 1987 Rick Grimes

GRIMES: “This ‘bug’, tho’ on the same pages as the ‘shell’ story, is actually independent of that. Guess it was the only place Larry could put it. Would make a good T-shirt!” — Rick Grimes (March 15th, 2009).

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