6) Rare Bit Fiends

“A quick rundown: ‘Clem’ and ‘Clutch Angel’ are the best. There are at least two others I’d like to do, someday, if  Veitch ever returns to further, new issues of the book. I enjoyed doing them alot, ‘though it takes a certain focus. Tried to keep the artwork on them tight. And clear, albeit detailed. The format suits me. All of them really are dreams. Some of the characters were contrived. It’s either that or do point-of-view all the time, which tends to be tedious and can be confusing to readers.” — Rick Grimes (December 22nd, 2008).

“Frickles” (Rare Bit Fiends #2, 1994) ~ dream Oct 21, 1993. “She imagines we’re really getting along, now.” Also: my spit story…
“Clutch Angel” (Rare Bit Fiends #4, 1994) ~ dream June 23, 1994. Stupor heroes in search of animal mutilator soon lose way in bureaucracy they don’t take seriously. True-to-life…
“The Caramel” (Rare Bit Fiends #12, 1995) ~ dream Sept 21, 1994. ‘Brought to you by Krapft Foods…’
“Clem Clambeau” (Rare Bit Fiends #21, 1996) ~ dream Oct 22, 1993. The dreads and clammy concerns of Young Man Mollusk, Esquire…
“Penny Boo”(Rare Bit Fiends #21, 1996) ~ dream Nov 24, 1993. Nothing to get worked up about…

<Art (’76-’95)

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