back cover (Bromos)


Bromos back cover

Artwork: Back cover for Jim Lopez’s Antique Children: Satirical Blunders issue. ©2013 Rick Grimes

 GRIMES: “My second to date, {viz., Elly}, unless one counts the Dr. Wirtham’s flippable issue with two front covers, mine being one of them, as a back. (In which case, I never had a front cover). Not up to, but in the spirit of Mad and Wacky Packages.

It’s the overripe fruition of my having lived through the American bicentennial, imitating other and better cartoonists with red and blue markers for filling in flag apparel.” –RG 4/1,2 ‘015

+ “I’m almost never one for coloring my original comic art. There’s something far too irrevocable about it. (I’m also in the ‘unpainted army men’ camp).

The above was no exception. It was colored, in pencil, on a printout of the original scan. To see the black and white art, click here.”  –RG 3/3/’016

<‘Comeback’ story

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