ii. catalog drivel

catalog ‘contribution’ (1977?)

trek etc superh catalog

My only contribution to The Superhero Book of Goodies (1977). No copyright claim is made on any title or image shown here. Fair Use, only.

GRIMES: “The Trek, Prince Val, and I’m 88% sure Sonja and their title letters were all redraws, by 1977(?) Kubert School me, in miniature that is (to save on costs of photographic reductions).

I make no claim to them being great or even of any significance whatsoever.

The catalog, in comic book format, to this day might show up under your very nose, alongside much more desirable material you should no doubt purchase instead, so I account for my wee part in it here.

“The catalog itself was a brokered arrangement between Joe and the area comics shop owner–the whole dubious opportunity was mercilessly ridiculed behind their backs—to give the latter cheap labor and we students some production experience.

Obviously, I escaped with my ignorance mostly intact.

“For the truly obsessed, my fellow students of the day such as Veitch & Bissette, who both or all likely caught more of ‘the whip’ than I, may have contributed something worthy of your collector’s mania.

Have fun flipping throo it to try and figure all that out. ” –RG 9/7/’015


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