On ‘C’ & ’Z’ Grade Movies

On ‘C’ & ‘Z’ Grade Movies

monster strip 2 (5) pics

GRIMES: “Here is a series of ‘monster’ movie titles of old, culled from a relatively recent ‘want list’— many I would highly recommend to any interested contrarian with a sense of humor.

Of course, as grade ‘C’ & ‘Z’s, there will be times while watching you will crave only the ‘escapist thrill’ of walking away from them, or the excitement of watching paint dry on flies fucking as the grass grows.

But, what did you expect? You really thought they’d be thrilling every second?? Remember, they were only ‘human beings as you and I’…”

In no particular order of favoritism or comparative ‘quality’, (how could anyone even do that?) :

Attack of the Killer Shrews / Mesa of Lost Women / Face of Marble / Daughter of Horror / She Demons / The Bride and the Beast, and any Ed Wood/ Beast of Yucca Flats / Frankenstein’s Daughter / Hand of Death / Beast with a Million Eyes / Astounding She Monster / Atomic Brain / Cat Women of the Moon / Killers From Space / Attack of the Crab Monsters / Robot Monster / They Saved Hitler’s Brain / Curse of the Swamp Creature / Invasion of the Slime People / Island of Living Horror, aka Brides of Blood / Brain of Blood / Man Without a Body / The Manster / The Brain Eaters / Dimension 5 / Journey to the Center of Time / Not of This Earth / The Vulture / Wasp Woman / Brain From Planet Arous / The Creeping Terror / The Curious Dr. Hump / Creature With the Atom Brain / Invisible Invaders / Kronos / The Giant Claw / Fire Maidens / Horrors of Spider Island / Manos, Hands of Fate / Mad Doctor of Blood Island / The Monolith Monsters / Rat Pfink a Boo Boo / The Monster Maker / Colossus of New York / Atom Age Vampire / Brain That Wouldn’t Die / The Head / Evil Brain From Outer Space / Son of Godzilla / Night of the Blood Beast / etc. etc. etc….. sorry to leave out anyone’s cherished friends.

The list as close to endless as any human being needs it to be. And, yes, I have seen nearly all of them—you want I should contribute to society or something? Hey, society made this junk.

Rest assured that it was time well-spent. You, too, must sit throo every minute. You’ll be like me in no time…” — RG (April 27, 2009).

monster film 'strip' w Jan in a Pan etc

{Photo strips created by Ryan H.}

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