January 01, 2013

1)  2013 beginneth with a bang!: “The Excursion” > a right ‘nutty’ new two-pager from Rick (panel excerpt below), now up in Dire McCain’s PARAPHILIA: TAGADA (April 2012). As always, a free download of this top-notch art/fiction mag is available via the PARAPHILIA website: http://www.paraphiliamagazine.com. + exclusive comments from Rick regarding his mad new creation(s) found here: STORIES….

 The Excursion  pg 1 of 2 crop

Artwork: “The Excursion” (panel excerpt, as featured in PARAPHILIA: TAGADA, Dire McCain) © 2012, Rick Grimes.

{Covers and other contributors here…}


2)  Noo Foofny Noof foo yoo to voo?  http://foofnynoof.blogspot.com


3)  A li’l Grimes love found elsewhere online these past some months [*those not since deleted]:

= http://streetlifeedinburgh.wordpress.com/2012/07/08/comic-times/ [towards end of blog post]:

“Skipping over to the dark side for a moment, these books are pretty dark bordering on offensive and starred a favourite surreal artist/writer Rick Grimes. I got these guys form artist friend Colin Dunbar … Rick Grimes was a stand-out for his short story about syrup and eggs – two guys discuss how they will maim the other if one put syrup in their eggs. I had to find more: “GLYCEROUS AQUARIUM FOOTSTOOL”, “BREATHING IS FOR SISSIES” … This was the ultimate experience for me at the time for surreal comic book artwork.”

+ https://twitter.com/VinceBon/statuses/238234145640284161:

“Rick Grimes’ Puzz Fundles. Oh, how I love those stories.”

*{both still there as of 2/18/015}

Let me know your impressions... !

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