January 25, 2012

1) ‘Sicky Claws’ cookies (1982??) [comments from Rick G. below]:



– Photo © 2011, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “A bit too late for Christmas, but in moving some things last night, I finally found  my father’s photos—taken with the same old, leather cased, knob winder he used  to take our handsful of family photos—of these cookies. Dough & baking by me ma, but I shaped ’em and ‘iced the mother’s’.

Left to right: a rather baffled, blue eyed Sicky Claws, Weird Dick, and Nudolph the  Naked Reindeer, (tho here well coated in brown icing, complete with pink ‘nips’ &  eye veins). Bon appetit!”  —RG 1/18/’012

2)  And, here’s four more GRIMES ART blog illos to ‘squizz’:
43 – seen in sunlight on plastic bag 10/25/’011
44 – 2″ ballpoint sketch 7/28/1989
45 – drw 9/28 ’91; ink 1/17/’012
46 – ‘Tobald’ drw10/28/’011 i1/19/’012

… Also: Rick has added one more FOOFNY NOOF comic panel (since initial ‘panel’ posting) to his new ‘Foofny’ blog: http://foofnynoof.blogspot.com/.

3) Rick’s Weird Dick & The Professor, and Sickly Claws and Puzz Fundles characters related site pages have now been grouped here* as follows:


“Daymares” (1976)

“Daymares” character drawings

“Weird Dick and The Professor” (1976)

Kubert Art School 1977 letterhead assignment

Kubert Art School 1977 book assignment

Kubert Art School 1977 wash assignment

“Head Chez” (1981)

“Stinely Stellwick – That Mahogany Chickenhead” (1981) w/ sketches


1966/67 childhood drawing feat. Mudda Mudda

“Sicky Claws Conquers The Weird Dicks” (1981)

“Cow Sow” biscuit dough from 1982

‘Sicky Claws’ cookies (1982??)

“Neurotic Expiations In A Nut’s Hell” B&W original (1986)

“Neurotic Expiations In A Nut’s Hell” color (1986)

“Maniac Island” (1986)

“The Puzz Fundles” (1984-86) {cameos}

“Ladies Items” feat. Mudda Mudda (1994)

1997 tooled leather of Nudolph


Puzz Fundles sketches by Rick from 1982

The Puzz Fundles (1984-86)

proto GOOZLE cover (1990)

“Meemo in The Bum’s Rush” (1999)

“Too Many Thripeys” (2009)

*{These page headings were formerly next to their now defunct site pages on the parent website, all courtesy of Ryan. The titles are now, instead, live links to the new pages, should you find yourself in the vicinity of this update. Also note that Puzz Fundles, and Weird Dick (WD & Prof) now have their own main headings in the drop down bar. Sicky’s may all be found via the Art or Unpub’d lists}. –rg 2/12/015


– And… random. fun. bonus. viddy. gander (yet again). NOW! (courtesy of me > RH) =


lurch[‘Lurch’: “This towering mute has been shambling around the house forever…He is not a very good butler but a faithful one…One eye is opaque, the scanty hair is damply clinging to his narrow flat head…generally the family regards him as something of a joke.” — The Addams Family creator Charles Addams]

Let me know your impressions... !

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