August 08, 2012

1) Rick Grimes and burgeoning British cartoonist Vincent Wright (‘Banci’) have created a new, ongoing comic strip titled “Dabs Darnko” at Comments from Rick and Vincent regarding this project can be read via this here fan site’s new WRITINGS page [see highlight].

donkey strip crop

All characters, names, and strip ‘Dabs Darnko’ © 2012, Vince Wright. Dialogue & story titles © Grimes.

GRIMES: [Excerpted – see above link for more] “… I’ve been writing strips for my friend and fellow cartoonist, Vince Wright to draw and ink. He’s been good enuff to use all my words down to the last letter, and is chugging along with them on a sometimes weekly basis, so read ’em while they’re nice ‘n’ fresh. There will be more, as he’s willing an’ able. (Give ‘im a break, he’s not a machine!) …” –RG [5/30/’012]

WRIGHT: [Excerpted]“… I asked Rick [Grimes] if he would be up for writing a weekly strip for me (we have collaborated on other projects before), to which he said yes. Its funny really though as I never really liked animal cartoons when I was preteen except maybe for the criminal insanity of Daffy Duck or amphetamine drive of Speedy Gonzales …” –Vince Wright [7/2012]


2) FOOFY NOOF: 6/19/12 / 6/30/12 / 7/19/12 / 8/1/12 + GRIMES ART: drw 2/6 i 4/9;12 ‘012

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