The Bromomaniaks


Artwork: “The Bromomaniaks” (as featured in PARAPHILIA V, Dire McCain & D.M. Mitchell) © 2009 Rick Grimes.

+ GRIMES: “The Bromos themselves are a randy, argumentative pair of selzer tablets (if that still isn’t clear yet). The sort who might’ve been trademark characters at one time, but having grossly offended their public & sponsor heads, are far along on the downside of their ‘fifteen minutes’ of fame.

“They’ve given up smiling, (paid) devotion to an at best mediocre product {no real ones implied here} in favor of notoriety, if not infamy, falling into fountains while inebriated on carbon dioxide, or publicly expelling gaseous molecules that have been ‘bound up’ in them for just so, so long.

“While they give every evidence here of being completely sick of each other, they give other evidence, in their latest appearance to date, of retaining at least a shred of the sort of loyalty & passion ignited only by opposition to them both from outsiders.

“I’ve been told, by Dave Mitchell, who published the above pages, online, that my Bromomaniaks bear a similarity to Pere & Mere Ubu; an association I would not balk at.

“The couple also have their own automobile, which I have yet to draw. The long intended ‘sequel’ to the above two pages. (Despite their having turned up, in the human world, in their aforementioned latest tale).

I hope for and expect more from both of them in the future. Through the bubbles.”  –Grimes  9/8/’015

GRIMES: “The Bromomaniaks. Thought it would be a hoot to run both pages. Was submitted to Last Gasp in the mid ’90s. Got no reply. Of all places… Guess the anthology editor I sent it to or somebody was put off by the ‘chocks’ panel. (When I was a kid there used to be a vitamin called ‘Chocks’, their slogan ‘Pop a Chocks!’, said in borderline hysteria).

“Not long before {I submitted it} there had been some seizures of mail order books of ‘doubtful’ content, in Canada. Maybe the publishers then were more chicken. I always thought I did well on the art. (Yet again my attempt to return to tighter work). And I think it’s funny and deserves to be seen.

If you’re running ‘full blown’ Elly and such like I might as well let you run this. May be the last ‘dick joke’ I use. They bring me ‘bad luck’!” — Rick Grimes (February 16th, 2009).

{Unlike many other relatively recent titles in this section accompanied only by a ‘teaser’ panel, the story above is reposted here in full because it was initially in the Unpub’d (Other Works) section until published in Paraphilia.

I kept it on the old site, complete, for anyone who’d seen it there before & because it’s a special one for me.

The characters will likely return more than once, and these pages are a good reference for us all. Finally, it’s as good an exception as any to show what my full on style is like where it won’t always be apparent in this section}. –rg 9/9 ‘015