February 9th, 2016

“My self interview, generously inspired and induced last month by and for author James Robert Smith (The Living End, Withering, A Confederacy of Horrors, & many others), has been posted to his otherwise cogent blog, Til the Last Hemlock Dies. All at his behest; I will not apologize strongly enough. He only had to ask once, (as few ever do).

It was a kick to write, welled up out of the ‘superficial depths’ of formerly unprodded vanity. One could go on forever on one’s nauseating self.

All credit goes forever to Signor Bob for the idea. However inevitably fleeting the ‘net results in the mutual cosmic ocean.” –RG

{It’s still there, and now also finally posted on this site, in the Q&A section, for that is its obvious form, if a might ‘untrue’ in the literal sense. Where else would it go?}. –rg 10/2/017


Let me know your impressions... !

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