March 2015 

1) “My Puzz comic (for the much revamped Goozle #1) is rolling along in cont’d progress, ie pages 7 & 8, the final two of the second story (of three) which will run in the back, have been given their final white outs.


Artwork: A ‘teaser’ panel from another new Puzz Fundles story, “Mudda, Mudda!” © 2016 Rick Grimes

“To catch up on the Puzz Fundles and their feckless affairs of olde, just click to their own in site page. Other newly added goodies await you there already.

2) “For those that may have missed it, or who like or need reference (as i do), The Wayback Machine saved a working replica of the old fansite !!  Thanks to its founder, my pal and former cohort, Ryan Heslin, for discovering it and pointing me there. ”
–RG 3/18/016

Let me know your impressions... !

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