December 2013

“My bounced-far-off-the-wall story “When ‘Comeback’ Was a Dirty Word” , yet another wtf conflation of figures real and non, is readable in full for free at friend Jim Lopez’ Antique Children. It’s riding in the Satirical Blunders issue this time, along with a lovely (if I do say so myself, and I do) back cover by me, esquire. {I’ve reposted it here, on site, as well, since it’s such a rarity for me}.

Bromos back cover crop

Artwork: c. 2013 Rick Grimes

For those few that remember my characters (see the Home page, bottom of it’s scroll), The Bromomaniaks, they make a fulsome, ‘camera’ hogging appearance amidst the other principals. You must see them.

My usual elaborations, this time of my ‘Comeback’ tale’s background, are in the new Stories (Pub’d ‘013-…) section, on this here webber sight.

“This is a print on demand book, folks. So if you like what I do, don’t put off buying one forever, counting on someday running into one in the discount bins. Almost none exist. And they won’t, if no one orders one. Jim and his pals do a great job on every issue. My friend Banci is in it, too.

It’s as close to an edgy, high falutin’ literary/art mag as I’ll likely ever set foot in.”  –RG  9/10/015; 1/14/016

Let me know your impressions... !

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