October 2013

“Previews of our as yet untitled, joint opus about the staggering, trueish-to-life escapades of John Wilmot –including character sketches, some of the aforesaid, newly added; and a four panel comic page early in the story’s opening, revealed there in February (2013), but completed back in 2012– have been posted by Jim Lopez at antiquechildren.com. It’s a long term collaboration project neither of us (I hope) has any notion as to when it’s doing will be done.

We’ll likely post any further progress as we go along. (There is no parallel posting of them on this website yet, so please visit Jim’s fine AQC site to view)”.  –RG 12/31/’015

intro story pg 2  dog  crop

Artwork: Panel excerpt, for a joint work in progress © 2013 Rick Grimes. Story & idea ©2013 Jim Lopez. (We’ll be using Jim’s writing, too, but this panel’s page doesn’t happen to have much text).

{While there, click on Archive/Art on this handier page http://www.antiquechildren.com/journal.html to see more of myself (Hive Baby) and various other artists under the subheadings. We’re listed by name in live links at the right hand margin of the comics or other pages}.

Let me know your impressions... !

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