“Now I’m caught up transplanting Ryan’s former site updates one by one, best i could, (still need to triple check ’em all for any defunct links), it’s high time for the handful of ‘old’ new news had I been ready or willing to post on the old site before it’s departure…  {Again, see ‘Walk’ about… page for both our comments on the change over}.

‘Til I ‘catch up with myself’ and am posting the ‘new’ new news, I’ll be emphasizing their ‘woulda been’ dates (the headings in blue), tho in my signature the later time of their actual writing. (Pay no attention to those troublesomely hyperaccurate WordPress dates. I’m not).

I’ll apologize here if you get as sick of my voice as I can myself. But, sans Ryan to speak for me, there’s no one else to do so but me. I could try referring to myself in the third person, but I’m decidedly against it. I’m afraid it would wind up not only more egotistical than it all already is, but it’d soon become rather too perversely punch drunk. Bizarro World comes to mind. Me Grimes, you reader.” –RG 4/2;12/29,30/’015

Let me know your impressions... !

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