“As the fanfare accompanying popularly attended events is, face it, an unreal expectation on my part, what am I waiting for? This new site is almost finished.

You might as well be invited ‘officially’, (as informally as possible) to visit and get used to the place.

If something is missing yet, or not working, dare I say, return a second, a third time…?? The possibilities are as endless as my obscurity.


“Those wishing an operational primer, caveats, or fresh up course on how to operate drop down lists and so forth can check out the ‘Walk’ about… pages.

I’m flying all but solo now, tho Ryan H. may be persuaded to participate in a thence frozen ‘visit’ or Q&A contrivance from time to time.

Our wise words on the old site’s demise may be found there, too.”  –Rick Grimes 9/24/015


Let me know your impressions... !

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