October 31, 2011

Rick has a new blog!: FOOFNY NOOF Faces the Exhumed ‘n’shttp://foofnynoof.blogspot.com/a: “‘slow reveal’ comics blog of an odd ‘zombie’ story begun … in the summer of 1986…” & yet to be completed… Comments {edited}* regarding this new blog are courtesy of Grimes, below:

FOOFNY NOOF  panel via Flicker

Artwork © 2011, Rick Grimes.

RG:  “Hello again, and a… ‘Foofny Noof’ to you all. … This newest ‘blog’ will be limited only to the one story itself. …(T)ho’ unfinished, it is a ‘pivotal’ tale. For me as an artist anyhow. It came out of a period of all sorts of groping for something to try …for Taboo… It ran way too long for me, for that said purpose, some fourteen pages I bleev, (about a third of which don’t exist at all …yet…). …

It is one of my better stories, or at least more fecund. … (N)o one was getting to see it, (as I grow ever older), and I thought the ‘glacial television’ quality of a blog might be just the thing. (The full pages … are only 6×9, so you can actually see the panels better online).

 … Foofny Noof … is sort of a bipedal walrus being, {with} sponges for limbs, … .

There are about four complete pages, four more with only tight drawing. So, it will be {some time} before anything ‘worked on’ in present days  will turn up on the blog. … Well, enjoy… .”
— Squirts ‘n’ squishes, Grimes. 10/27/011 *{Full text here}.



– Eight more GRIMES ART http://grimes-art.blogspot.com blog illos:

33 – Happy Do drw 11/4; i 12/3 ‘010
34 – demon of naptime drw 1/8, i 1/17 ‘011
35 – 7/11/’011
36 – drw 5/7,11 ink 6/3/’011
37 – drw 7/24, ink 8/14,17 ‘011
38 – drw, ink 8/.17 ‘011
39 – drw, .ink 8/24; …i. 9/21/011
40 – 10/19/011

{Ryan went the extra distance here, providing live links per individual illo. Unfortunately, these didn’t transfer, in simple copy & paste, in saving the old site text to my (former) Windows Vista Wordpad. I’m not about to go throo them all again, to replace them here. Besides, many of them have no real title to speak of –my ‘bad’– and wind up looking like the numeric equivalent of alphabet soup. Even I don’t know which ones they are. Please simply click the blog scroll as needed, and thereby confine your delight, for the nonce, to that one site}. –rg 2/1/015    New, full list of all my blogs.

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