July 11, 2011

A new Grimes comic titled “The Boulder & The Brighter” (panel excerpt below) now appears in Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton’s Antique Children – A Mischievous Literary Arts Journal web site’s (AQC BOOKS) May 2011 publication, REVOLT OF THE UNDERDOGS. The book is now available to purchase for $11 + Shipping (304pp. 6×9) from http://www.antiquechildren.com/underdogs.html, (low res) page samples of which (Rick’s comic, plus others…) are viewable by following the site’s ‘Preview’ button.

(Others featured in the book can be found listed in the PUBLISHED IN… section).

Sisyphus story     pg one copy

Artwork: “The Boulder & The Brighter” (panel excerpt, as featured in REVOLT OF THE UNDERDOGS, Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton) © 2011, Rick Grimes.

Let me know your impressions... !

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