December 25, 2009

Well, that’s that for another year… My thanks to everyone who has helped out with this site in some way throughout the year, and I hope you all have a great Christmas day, break, etc. All the best in the New Year, and please do keep an eye out for further Grimes-related goodies in the near future. Cheers!  –RH

Evil_Santa_by_Black-Charizard  12 25 '09 post via RH
Artwork © 2009, Black-Charizard.

__ __

UPDATE! (9/12/2009) – A previously unpublished Rick Grimes one-page comic from 1995 called “Hive Baby” is now available via Jim Lopez & Ty Gorton’s ‘Literary Art Journal’, Antique Children, here: . The comic is featured in the ‘Comics & Illustrations’ section via ART (posted November 30, 2009).

{From the link above click: Archive>Art>Comics & Illustrations>Rick Grimes for ‘baby’ page/s}. –rg 12/’014

Hive BabyArtwork: “Hive Baby” © 2009 Rick Grimes

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