November 30, 2009

1)  Rick now has an new art-specific blog (GRIMES ART) at GRIMES ART currently features eight original one-page drawings, spanning from ’93 to ’09. The blog is to feature further additions from time to time over the coming weeks and months. {Tho’ I’ve since tended to favor posting pics on Fbook, where at least a few more viewers galumph about more regularly; and although Blogger changed their user interface long back and left my scroll looking quite bleary, there are still a few dozen luscious critters there, and if you but click on them–PLEASE DO–they will snap together more clearly for the attention}. –Grimes 12/18/’014

2)  La Bouche – the online ‘news and culture’ magazine in which Rick’s ’87/’09 poem “Blood of the Corn Kings” recently appeared in (issue #3, Oct. ’09) was a few days ago voted ‘Zine of the Month’ by The Institute of Contemporary Arts, which can read about here:
[Goes to site, but ‘page does not exist’]
For a free read of “Blood of the Corn Kings”, visit the official La Bouche magazine / website here: [“not found”…It really was there once…Honest!]{Here it is, gol blammit!}.–rg

Let me know your impressions... !

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