November 10, 2009

1)  Rick’s “The Bromomaniaks” two page strip now appears in Issue #5 (October 2009) of Dire McCain & D.M. Mitchell’s online magazine, PARAPHILIA. The magazine is available for free download at the official PARAPHILIA website, here: {My story pages are 203, 204}. –rg

BROMOMANIAKS pg 1 crop (panel four)The Bromomaniaks © 2009 by Rick Grimes

__ __

2)  The following few items have now also been added to the published STORIES section, courtesy of Grimes:

I)  Two panel excerpts from Rick’s 1991/’92; 2009 comic, “Booshwa” – complete with additional ‘intro with brief source dream and anecdote’ comments and brief Q & A. “Booshwa”, along with the following strip, now features in Jed Alexander’s recently published 2009 CRIMEFIGHTER comic. To purchase this title, {unlikely by now, but} please visit Jed’s official website’s online store, here: The book also features pieces by fellow cartoonists Mark Martin and Eric Orchard.

Booshwah panel pg 3Artwork:  Panel excerpt from “Booshwa” © 2009, Rick Grimes.

II)  Panel excerpt from Rick’s CRIMEFIGHTER-featured “Joe Head” marginal strip, also with additional comments.

__ __

– And to the UNPUB’D section (again courtesy of Grimes):

III)  Colour scan of Rick’s tooled leather ‘portrait’ of his “Sicky Claws”-era character, Nudolph’ with additional comments.

IV)  Rick’s 1977 Kubert Art School lettering assignment, “Lobster Parapie”.

__ __

3)  Thoughts on Rick’s work from cartoonists Jake Kujava and Vincent Wright have now been added to the Some folks say… page.

Let me know your impressions... !

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