October 14, 2009

1)  A new poem by Rick (begun 7/87; altered 5/09) called “Blood of the Corn Kings” has just now been published in issue #3 of the free online ‘news and culture’ magazine, La Bouche. For a free read of this poem, see the following link:
{former ‘zine link defunct–‘please stand by’}. See my site repost here of the same poem in full.  –RG 12/4/’014

2)  The new Jed Alexander comic book featuring EIGHT pages from Rick, CRIMEFIGHTER AND TWO OTHERS, is now {was} available to purchase via Jed’s official website’s online store, here: http://www.jedalexander.com. The book also features pieces by fellow cartoonists / comic book artists / writers Mark Martin – http://jabberous.blogspot.com/ – and Eric Orchard – {former blog since unavailable as of this repost 12/’014}. Cover art by Jed Alexander below:

Crimefighter and Two Others - cropArtwork:  Cover art (CRIMEFIGHTER AND TWO OTHERS) © 2009, Jed Alexander.

Let me know your impressions... !

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