September 23, 2009

1)  Below is a preview of pg. 8 (with related comments) of Rick’s new Puzz Fundles-related story (begun April 2009), “Too Many Thripeys” (also added to the OTHER WORKS gallery). A preview of pg. 3 from this comic story (also with related comments) is also available in said gallery.

#31b Too Many Thripeys  pg 8Artwork © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “I made a bit of a faux pas with this page. The real Thripey got pushed out by storytelling necessities. The only evidence of the Puzz Fundles themselves is the back of Primitive Iggy’s head in panel two. Not a good practice to have the main characters ‘absent’ from their own farce. … “

2)  The following colour photo xerox (with related comments) of Rick’s ‘Dachie’ puppet appeared on the front cover of Rick and Larry Loc’s DOG*STAR FUNNIES #2 (1991). To view said magazine’s cover in question, please see the DOG*STAR-centric PUBLISHED WORKS – 2 gallery.

DACHIE puppet photoFull Color Photo © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “‘Dachie’ puppet a real, manufactured, assembly line toy. His name is machine-typepressed into his neck, and is the name his creator/s bestowed upon him. He was originally my sister’s. It still has a barking’ squeaker, (spring-operated, in a polka dot ‘gullet sack’ sewn to the neck of and hidden under it’s ‘handgown’/ ‘gloveshirt’?), that we wore out when we were kids. Silenced forever, except for a plasticky cricketing noise, he has had a ‘checkered’ past, having spent some few years in the garage attic. He now gathers dust in my room. As do I. Oh, and I did, however, create the ‘deliciously’ matching cookies.”   — RG (September 21, 2009).

3)  To read Rick’s thoughts on infamous German madman monologist ‘Brother Theodore’ (born Theodore Gottlieb) and that of BT’s work in Republic Pictures’ 1947 serial, The Black Widow (later re-released / broadcast in 1966 as the edited Sombra, The Spider Woman), please visit the “Grimey Recommendations” (RECOMMENDED – 1) page.

– ‘Brother Theodore’ in action!:

Bros Theodore bBROTHER THEODORE (circa 1980s)

Copyright: Excerpt shot from Late Night with David Letterman © Carson Productions, NBC Productions & Worldwide Pants.

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