June 12, 2009

The following Rick Grimes-related items have now been added to the site’s UNPUB’D section, courtesy of Rick:

I)  A two-page unpublished story called “Stinely Stellwick, That Mahogany Chicken Head” (inc. color ‘guide’ version).

II)  A set of five small notebook drawings from 1980, of the ‘Stinely’ character as he (Stinely) developed.

III)  Various character drawings circa 1976.

– Also added to the site, the following:

IV)  Tiny cameo appearances of Rick’s ‘Weird Dick’, ‘Everett’, and ‘Stinely Stellwick’ characters in the following two (Epic) comic stories:  1)  Stephen R. Bissette’s & Rick Veitch’s “Monkey See” comic from 1980.  2)  S. Bissette & Steve Perry’s “Kultz” comic story of ’81, as featured below:

MONKEY SEE excerpt main pg cropMONKEY SEE  excerpt Putney w WD

Artwork:  Monkey See © 1980 (Epic # 2), Steve Bissette & Rick Veitch.  Feat. cameo of Rick Grimes’ character ‘Weird Dick’ © 1976 .

GRIMES:  “This is Bissette & Veitch’s sea monkey story from epic magazine. Not only do I love the big green monkey portraits, note the little Weird Dick head on the yellow ‘Putney’, (Vermont town), T shirt on the pilot. {Leo Kottke, according to Steve}. Another one of those cameos mentioned. Probly drawn initially by Veitch, but looks like Bissette inked. Guess the little ‘stem’ is his cigar, not a neck. Has an ashline.”  — RG (May 27, 2009).

__ __

+GRIMES: “The first cameo of Weird Dick (below) is more of a human cultie, a Dickhead, I guess, in a ‘Don Post’ style mask. (Don’t send in your shekels for one—they don’t exist). The second appearance, in flight w/ his ‘Friends’, is no doubt the real Weird Dick. I’m sure they get away.” –RG 12/4/’014

Kultz (1981) bottom  cameos  aKultz top (w caption)  cameos bbArtwork:  Kultz © June 1981, story by Steve Bissette & Steve Perry. Art by Steve Bissette. (Epic). Feat. cameos of Grimes’ ‘Weird Dick’, ‘Everett’, and ‘Stinely Stellwick’ characters.

__ __

– Chapter 8. of Rick’s …TICKLED FROG blog is now up!

Let me know your impressions... !

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