May 18, 2009

UPDATES! (25/05/2009) – Some thoughts on Grimes courtesy of a fellow named ‘Namey’… below:

“Man I just wish so much there was a book of all Rick Grimes’ work in my hands someday as I can’t really enjoy reading comics off a computer display at least not compared to the traditional method, especially as my damn machine’s so hair-greyingly slow. But keep up your great work with your site; I’ll be coming by every now and then for sure. And hey I must ask: might there be any new plans for an actual collection? For there should be!”

(19/5/2009) – Just added two new “Grimey Recommendations” pieces – “For The Would Be ‘Dream’ Storyteller…” +  “Bandage Man! Bandage Man!!” – to the RECOMMENDED – 1 page (listed as the 4th & 5th entries in the initial “If You Asked Me” section).

1)  Further ‘Recommended’ pieces courtesy of Grimes will soon be added to the RECOMMENDED – 1 section.

2)  An older previously unpublished Grimes ‘dream’ text piece (dated 11/17/81) titled, “An Ah Got Plans Fer All of ’em”, will also soon be added to the site.

3)  (14/05/2009) – Added six more film titles to Rick’s RECOMMENDED – 1 section, including the following: Acne (2000), Fido (2006), Freaked (1993), Shrunken Heads (1994), Top of the Food Chain / aka Invasion! (1999), and Trail of the Screaming Forehead (2007).

Let me know your impressions... !

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