May 1, 2009

One of Rick’s oldest characters, ‘WEIRD DICK, turns ’33’ today!

To mark this ‘occasion’ (and help celebrate the little guy’s ‘birthday’) a whole new batch of goodies courtesy of Grimes himself has now been added to various sections of this site (as listed below), including the following:

I)  Intro to and initial section of Rick’s new “The Wider Chain of Unlikely Influences” piece as featured on the newly-added INFLUENCES – PART 2 page.

II)  Comments/thoughts from Grimes on the following topics (added to the new Grimes-specific RECOMMENDED – 1 section): The films of ‘John Waters’; ‘Grade ‘C & Z’ movies’; ‘Image Nihlists’ (inc. ‘The Residents’, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore’s Bedazzled (1967), and Chester Gould); and finally (for now), comments regarding films: Gozu (2003), Kung Fu Hustle (2004), and The Manchurian Candidate (1962). Other all other general ‘recommended’ items have now been moved to the RECOMMENDED – 2 and RECOMMENDED – 3 sections.

And the following items as featured in the UNPUB’D gallery:

III)  Childhood drawing, 1962.

IV)  Completed T-shirt assignment from Joe Kubert art school, 1977.

V)  Completed poster assignment from Kubert school, 1977.

VI)  “Daymares” feat. first Weird Dick & the Professor appearance, summer 1976.

VII)  Unfinished ink wash assignment from Kubert school, w/ Weird Dick & the Professor, 1977.

VIII)   3 notebook/sketch pgs of ‘Puzz Fundles’, 1982.

IX)  Photograph of ‘Cow Sow’ biscuit dough, 1982.

X)  Black & White “Neurotic Expiations In A Nut’s Hell” DR. WIRTHAM’s cover, 1986.

XI)  “Man’s Best Friend” sample page, 1991/92.

XII)  Collage flyer, 1997.

XIII)  “More’s The Pity” — page, severed from its initial opening spot in uncompleted story, modified & completed early ’09 as a single page.

XIV)  “Augustine”, opening page of an abandoned story initially for TABOO. Page recently completed, 2009.

XV)  A ‘rabbit’ illo from New Year’s Eve night, 2008/09.

XVI)  PUZZ FUNDLES:  ‘Teaser’ page of recently completed (2009) ‘Meemo’ story (“The Bum’s Rush”), (the 3rd of 3 mentioned in comments on GOOZLE KOMMIX).

XVII)  PUZZ FUNDLES:  Sample page from Rick’s new 2009 ‘Puzz Fundles’ strip, “Too Many Thripeys” (also featured below, with comments).

THRIPEY SKAKE1 ta dahhhArtwork © 2009, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “Early this month, (April), I was doing my first bit of ‘egosurfing’, when, to my amazement i found that not only is there a (possibly deliberate?) zombie comic book character with my name, there are also at least twenty-five other Rick Grimeses currently alive in the world…”  — (RG? 4/30/09)   {Read  the full piece here!}

Let me know your impressions... !

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