April 12, 2009

1)  Received the following message regarding Rick Grimes by fellow comics artist and former Kubert art school classmate, Ken Feduniewicz:

“I was going to suggest an entry for the Name-the-Grimes-21st-Century-Coffeetable-Anthology….(get ready, here it comes)…”High Grimes and Misdemeanors”.”

– Thanks for the kind words Ken! (RH).

__ __

2)  Here is a three-part comparison piece featuring:  a)  Rick’s 1976 illustration “Elly” (which first appeared in the Kubert art school’s 1976 class zine PARADE OF GORE, later republished in issue #2 of Steve Bissette’s infamous horror anthology TABOO (Tundra Publishing).  b)  The original inspiration behind ‘Elly’; Jose Antonio Domingo’s ‘demon’ art from Marvel’s Monsters Unleashed #10 front cover. And lastly,  c)  Clive Barker’s similar looking demon, which appeared in TABOO #1.

ELLY Domingo Barker triptych

Artwork:  Elly © 1976, Rick Grimes.  Monsters Unleashed #10 (Marvel) Front Cover Art ©?? Jose Antonio Domingo.  ‘Demon’ Art © Clive Barker.

__ __

3)  Here is a sample of Rick Grimes’ “The Puzz Fundles” in Italian! (excerpt from Rick Veitch – http://www.rickveitch.com – ‘s THE ONE Italian edition TPB, by COMMA22):

PUZZ pg 2  in Italian

Artwork:  The Puzz Fundles (Page 2) © 1985/86, Rick Grimes.

__ __

4)  Added “Cactus Water” Pg. 5 and “sick animal” Pg. 3 to the strips’ respective site pages (meant to add upon initial posting of stories).

__ __

5)  Regarding updates, etc. made to this site, from now Rick’s contributions will be ‘tagged’ with either RG – or – GRIMES. All other text in updates, etc. will be added for the most part, by myself, Ryan H. (RH) – this also goes for the featured ‘fun’ video clips, courtesy of youtube.com.

Let me know your impressions... !

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