April 3, 2009

1)  Last Saturday (March 29, 2009), I added to this fan site, the complete work of Rick Grimes as featured in Issues 1 & 2 of artist Larry Loc’s DOG*STAR FUNNIES zines (circa 1987 and 1991, respectively). I have since been given the OK by Larry, to also present his work from both issues here on this site. Larry’s pages are now featured, (along with Grimes work) in the ART gallery, as originally appears in both DOG*STAR FUNNIES issues. My thanks to Larry for kindly allowing his work to appear on this fan site, and for kindly mentioning this site in a recent DOG*STAR FUNNIES-related blog post at http://www.agni-animation.com/blog/index.html.

2)  Meant to add the following to this site earlier, though such information (regarding Grimes’ 1977 “The Seed of Shock” text story, and unreleased “The Bromomaniaks” two-page strip) unfortunately got overlooked upon first receiving from Rick Grimes in February 2009 (now added to the respective pages in the WRITING and UNPUB’D* works galleries):

GRIMES:  “The Bromomaniaks. Thought it would be a hoot to run both pages if you’re ok with it. (Check panel 2, page 2). Was submitted to LAST GASP in the mid 90s. Got no reply. Of all places…

If you’re running ‘full blown’ “Elly” and such like, might as well let you. Maybe the last ‘dick joke’ I use. They bring me ‘bad luck’!”  — February 16, 2009.

*{The Bromos were later published online, and may be found in the ART list}. –rg 11/’014

__ __

GRIMES:  “The SEED of SHOCK was supposed to read {differently}: …

I didn’t broadcast the error a lot after it was printed. Don’t even know if anyone ever realised it, or who I told.”  — February 16, 2009.

Let me know your impressions... !

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