March 29, 2009

1)  Last Thursday (March 26, 2009), I received my latest extensive package from Rick Grimes, which included copies of both issues of Larry Loc – – ‘s DOG*STAR FUNNIES zine, circa 1987 (issue #1) and 1991 (the Grimes-heavy, issue #2), respectively. Rick contributed various original pieces both issues to artist Larry Loc’s xerox zine. The following work by Grimes, as featured in both zines, has now been added to the Art gallery. My thanks, as always, to Rick for kindly passing on such material to present here on this site; and to Larry Loc for previous assistance.


I)  “Glycerous Aquarium Footstool” (republished later in 1991’s TABOO ESPECIAL)

II)  Artwork for M.W. (Grit) Thomas, Jr.’s “A Children’s Story” (1987).

DOG*STAR FUNNIES #2  (1991):

I)  DOG*STAR FUNNIES front cover (1991 – devised with Larry Loc).

II)  “Intra-Daschund” (1991 – cowritten with Larry Loc).

III)   “Under The Rug” (1988).

IV)  “Anne, Thuh Beep Goze Onn!” (1988).

V)  “Camera Shy” (1987).

VI)  “Dine with Dachie” (1991).

VII)  “Halfbaked Hockey” (featuring two of Larry’s characters).

VIII)  “In Over Their Heads” (1988).

IX)  “Near Disaster” (1988).

X)  “Safe From Dachau” (1991).

XI)  ‘Shanus McRawhole’ (1987/1966).

XII)  “Wasting Time” (1988).

XIII)  “Chunky Tooth” (1990).

XIV)  (flying bulldog) (1990).

Artwork/strips © 1987-1991, Rick Grimes. (“Intra-Dachshund” © 1987, Larry Loc & Rick Grimes. “Halfbaked Hockey” characters the ‘Acid Dwarf” and ‘Cowpie’ © Larry Loc).


2) Also included in Rick’s most recent package, were the following items:

I)  Updated comments regarding several of his stories (inc. “Maniac Island”, “sick animal”, and “Pills For Miss Betsy”, among others). These comments have now been added to the strips/stories respective pages (for TABOO-related comments, visit the PUBLISHED IN gallery).

II)  A childhood drawing circa 1966 or 1967 (now added to the UNPUB’D gallery).

III)  A ‘one panel’ piece from 1981 titled, “Critters” (which you can now view below – and also in the UNPUB’D gallery):


Artwork:  “Critters” © 1981, Rick Grimes.

GRIMES:  “The ‘Critters’ panel, deliberately done in the more careful manner of other phases of that period, presents a character (tho’ too cumbersome to appear often or since) belonging wholly to that other world I keep referring to of ‘Weird Dick & His Friends”, [Stinely, etc.]. As with many of them, the ‘toy’ bear character was born of internal flashes, usually before sleep; then, pushed further along into intelligibility, (of a sort). …” –3/15/’09


3)  A new section for LOST ARTWORK has also now been added to the site. In this section, Rick details various original art pages of his that have gone missing over the years, inc. “President ‘Doosh’ Quimby” (TABOO #8, 1995), “These Things Happen” (TABOO #4, 1990), and “Grue Love” (TABOO #9, 1995). If anyone does indeed know of where such pages have ultimately ended up, please contact (Rick) at:  ________

GRIMES:  “If anyone ever comes across, (so to speak), these pages or sees them for sale on a convention table or ebay, lemme know. I might even pay to have ’em back, if not too ‘dear’, some questions asked! Just want you, the ‘discerning’ art buyer to know, nobody else was given or has the right to them. Verbally or otherwise. …” –RG 3/15/’09


4)  A week and a half or so ago (see last update), I posted an awesome Rick Veitch – – commission piece on this fan site, featuring Rick Grimes’ perennial characters, the ‘Puzz Fundles’. The original artwork (11″ x 13.5″ pen and ink on illustration board) has since been coloured by professional freelance (and well-published) comic book colourist Randy ‘Sarge’ Sargent, and a sample of which is now featured below. A portfolio of the Sarge’s fine colour work can be viewed here: (Sarge’s Coloring Book). To those interested in having black and white commission or sketch art coloured, Randy’s work comes highly recommended! Many thanks, Sarge. Artwork quality somewhat lost with size reduction.

PUZZ by Veitch  color

Artwork:  Characters © Rick Grimes.  Pen & Ink by Rick Veitch; Colour by Randy ‘Sarge’ Sargent.

Let me know your impressions... !

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