March 6, 2009

1)  Here is an illustration I commissioned renowned comics artist/writer (and long-time Rick Grimes pal) Rick Veitch – – to draw, featuring Grimes’ most infamous creations, the ‘Puzz Fundles’ . My thanks to Rick V. for creating this awesome piece of art for me, and to Rick G. for allowing his characters for use in such a fine work of art as this. Also, various other earlier ‘published’ drawings of Grimes’ characters by Rick Veitch can also be seen in previous updates below.


Artwork:  Feb/March 2009 ‘Puzz Fundles’ commission by Rick Veitch of original Rick Grimes characters – ‘Puzz Fundles’ © Rick Grimes.

2)  A few recent words from Rick Grimes with regards to new strips and other influences on his work over the years:

I)  GRIMES:  “I am getting a computer (incl. graphic tablet, etc.) and am in fine enough fettle and back to the drawing board after a prolonged tour of hospitals and home care for my mom. I’ve (also) been “officially” myopic for several years now, have graduated bifocals and have to ink with a magnifying glass. Well, not with the magnifying glass. But, holding it. Awkward nuisance. For some reason, I can still draw without one, but can’t see, later, where to put the tip of the pen or brush.”  — February 13, 2009.

II)  GRIMES:  “Jay Kinney’s “BLACK CAT CITY” (1980), in DR. WIRTHAMS COMIX AND STORIES #5/6, was a pivotal story for me then in some of my approaches to storytelling, ultimately in TABOO. I wrote a poetry style object-setting-flow story of some five pages or so, some year or other called BEEF BAYONETS (written August 1987); never did any art for it. But, it was perhaps closest to Jay’s* story’s inspiration and also probably has more in common with Van Vliet music than later TABOO pieces some see Beefheart in snippets (?) of. Black Cat City was pivotal for me, and I still believe I live there sometimes.”  — January 27, 2009.

*{  “…in collaboration with friend and poet Adam Cornford…” ~ }

Let me know your impressions... !

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