February 19, 2009

1)  First, I Ryan H., would like to big thank you Stephen R. Bissette – http://www.srbissette.com – for generously sending me the following Grimes-related items: MANTICORE #1 (Fall 1976), and Fred Greenberg’s OMNIBUS #1 (February 1978) and #2 (April 1978). Many thanks Steve, I appreciate this very much!!

Both Grimes’ ‘Kriturz’ pieces can now be viewed in Art-pubd/early-comics, or see below:

Kriturz 1Kriturz 2

Artwork:  Kriturz ©1978, Rick Grimes.

2)  Regarding Grimes’ work in Larry Loc’s DOG*STAR FUNNIES #2:  the two characters (the Acid Dwarf and Cowpie) as featured in “Halfbaked Hockey” were created by Larry Loc; not Rick Grimes. My apologies to Larry and Rick for such mistakes.

{This was likely a hink of wording in the caption, since, as RH says, corrected}.

3)  Below is a comparison piece featuring Grimes’ {reprinted} “Elly” demon and Clive Barker’s ‘demon’, as featured in Steve Bissette’s TABOO issues #1 and #2:

ELLY compare w Barker

Artwork:  Elly ©1977, Rick Grimes.  Demon drawing © 1988, Clive Barker.

GRIMES:  “[Originally] my (Parade of Gore) back cover (“Elly” named after the partly visible label of a jelly jar)… It had nothing to do with anything or anyone but putting the ugly ‘warning’ thing on paper. All very purifying…

“The sick demonic head with its cat whiskers and baline ‘teeth’ harks back to some really disturbing creature on a Marvel Monster magazine cover painting, …in their monster boom of the mid seventies. I don’t have the magazine anymore because it bothered me! This big hell beast with a really nasty, soul-snuffing leer. …”  — December 22, 2008.

Let me know your impressions... !

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