February 11, 2009

1)  Three more Grimes strips (“Clem Clambeau”, “Frickles”, and “Penny Boo”), as originally featured in Rick Veitch’s RARE BIT FIENDS, have now been added to the PUBLISHED WORKS – 4 gallery.

2)  Regarding Ron Zalme’s November 8, 2008 comments as featured in the COMMENTS section, Rick passed on this bit of information (January 25, 2009):

GRIMES:  “I actually sat in a corner, tucked beside Veitch and opposite Ed Foley; (with Sam Kujava, Betsy Ambielli, and Bissette).I never really thought about us being in the living room and so forth. He has all that right.”  — Rick Grimes (January 25, 2009).

3)  In the original list of Q & A inquiries I sent Rick back in late December ’08, he signed off with the following note:

“As* they say in the movie Greaser’s Palace, ‘Tell ugly ol’ Heiny Hole I said, ‘Hello”.”  — Rick Grimes (December 8, 2009).

– So, here for your ‘pleasure’ {were} three excerpts from writer-director Robert Downey Sr.’s 1972 cult classic, Greaser’s Palace:


Greaser's Palace

Copyright:  (© 1972, Greaser’s Palace Ltd.).

Red Snapper <> Paying Respects to Mr. Greaser <> ‘Spitoonia’

*{ ”PS: (uhh) Ugly Ole Heiny Hole says, ‘Hello’ .” }

Let me know your impressions... !

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