(2) 'With It'

Hereafter beginneth (againeth) all the former site‘s news updates, chronologically, at least in the spirit of same, if not identical. Being that this is a free template, on another host, certain small things will not be possible. Links here are red, for example; and tho I had wished to continue with the occasional ‘odd biz’ extras, embedding videos here is an extra sixty bucks per annum, so that’ll have to go by the wayside, too. (I will retain the verbal links, however).

You may eventually note also the departure of covers and other contributors, (but only to this scroll ). They will be preserved on the ‘Published In…’ page I intend to rebuild in the coming month/s.

Once all the old posts are restored–after a brief heads up again from me, your new fmehditor–I’ll begin picking up where we left off last year, with not only the now ‘old’ new news, but also the trewly new news.

As the forties movie police dispatchers used to say, “Thaat iz allll…”

–RG 7/29/’014

Let me know your impressions... !

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