An’ It’s Deja Vu Allover Again

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Hello, an’ a “Mighty Heighdy!!” from Mizzuz Slapdoodle and all her fellow krips ‘at sea’.

No, you haven’t woken up in an alternate world where Hitler won the war, The Flintstones are still shown in prime time, and for every wanna be great (tho’ little known) web dive there are two just like it. Our beloved (by us anyway) grimes fansite is no more. But now reincarnates here upon these dark scrolls.

My good friend & co-conspirator t’other side of the world, Ryan H. informed me a few months ago that the former host he’d always used (those five + years now) wouldn’t accept his software anymore: we hadn’t been able to post updates (and there has been news), nor add anything else.

So, anyone interested in how this new site’s forefather looks, too late* to take a gander or three. But as much of it as could sensibly be replaced here, has been. So, look around and find most of what you remember. Or discover more. Some new bits and pieces have already begun creeping in.

R.H. is also taking his leave, but will remain handy to advise or assist yours troodley in keeping it all resuscitated and merrily chugging away. Granted, these dervish days it’s no staggering news that such change is happening, and the web making process may have arguably become a game even for the simpleton. But tho I’ll try to make it nice as can be here, and retain most everything, it may wind up being like the Black Knight in Monty Python: one big chunk having little left to grab you with.

Hope to hear from Ryan again here, in future, perhaps in more ‘faux’ interviews, or comments. Thanks to him, and all of you, however few, who have visited and enjoyed my work, and the site (and friend) that so cheerfully allowed it.

Let us bow our heads, for what was…and on with the show…

Rick Grimes  July 26, 2014; 3/13/’015

*{There remains an archive, sometimes workable copy of the original website on The Wayback Machine at }.  -rg 9/24/018

Let me know your impressions... !

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